Of the 10 Gutenberg Bibles in the United States, one is in the New York Library and three in the Pierport Morgan Library. They are not illuminations, but they are the link between them and the books made possible by the invention of Gutemberg. Take a look at the Illuminations, the Gutenberg Bible Detail, and the Pierport Morgan Library’s Analysis of the Gutemberg Conquest

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1. The Cloisters
2. Public Library of N.York
3. The Pierpont Morgan Library

The first, The Cloisters, or The Cloister, is a section of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, built in the form of a French Medieval Cloister, containing an extraordinary collection of art and architecture from Medieval Europe, especially the Romanesque and Gothic periods. The location, north of Manhattan Island, overlooking the Hudson River in the middle of a huge park, is justifiably the Crown Jewel of American Museology, as Germain Bazin, former director of the Musée du Louvre in Paris, rightly called it. Paris, one of the largest and most famous museums in the world.

The New York Public Library – NYPL is one of the largest libraries in the world and one of the most significant research libraries in the United States. It has an interesting system which is to be composed of a part for consultation only and another one for loan. It covers 89 other libraries and has a total of over 30 million books that, if put together in one building, would make it the largest library in the world.
I visited the main building, which houses one of the Gutenberg Bibles, and did some research in the adjacent building for illuminated manuscripts.

Stitched Panorama

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